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Health Experts Share Importance of Keeping Kids Active During Quarantine



MaKayla Taylor, like most kindergarteners works on a range of lessons but during the school year there's a clear favorite.

"I love recess," said kindergartener, MaKayla Taylor.

Since the school closure, the Taylor family is spending extra time outdoor. An action experts say is vital for children's health.

Brad Brummel is the head of Health and Physical Education for Springfield Public Schools. He said with students out of school physical activity is key to avoiding very real health problems.

"More consequences with our mental health. More irritable, cranky, feel like you don't have energy and not be happy," said Health and Physical Education coordinator for Springfield Public Schools, Brad Brummel.

Brummel also recommends getting creative when going outside isn't possible like adding the crab walk or frog jump to activities indoors.

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