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Guardians Allows Multiple Parents to Be Connected to a Child

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Guardians can receive messages, RSVP to games and interact with the team.

The situation: One child, two parents in separate households.

The question: Can both parents receive all messages sent to that child through the SportsEngine platform?

The answer: Yes. Guardians makes it easy for parents to be connected to their players profile no matter the situation. 

It's never been easier to add Guardians to a player's profile within SportsEngine to stay up to date on schedules, RSVPs, and messages.

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Below are the quick, easy steps involved in adding a Guardian to one of your Profiles on SportsEngine. Remember, this can be done from a desktop or using the SportsEngine Mobile App. 

  1. Navigate to your SportsEngine account

  2. Find your child's profile

  3. Find the Guardians box and click +

  4. Enter in contact information for the Guardian

  5. Select the athlete profile that the Guardian should be able to manage

  6. Send Invitation for the Guardian to accept


Navigate to your SportsEngine account

First, go to your organization's SportsEngine website. Login using your SportsEngine username and password. Click the dropdown list next to your username and select Account Settings then into the Profiles section.

Find your child's profile

In the left navigation, click on the Profiles tab and then select the child you wish to add a Guardian for.

Find the Guardians section

On the right side of your child's profile you will see a box that includes Guardians. In the top right corner of the box is a small "+". Click here to add in a Guardian

Invite Guardian

Input in the email of the Guardian you wish to attach to your child's profile. This will do one of two things. If the email address has a SportsEngine account attached to it, the email owner will receive a message to accept the Guardian invite. If the email address owner does not have a SportsEngine account, they will be prompted to create one when they accept their invite. 

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