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Getting creative to save time and raise funds

The goal of Dorking Swim Club is to provide an opportunity for each individual to realize their full potential, regardless of their ability. The club strives to teach their athletes values and skills that will not only ensure their success in the swimming pool, but carry over into their adult lives. These include benefits like goal setting, strong work ethic, teamwork, sportsmanship, self-esteem, self-discipline, and making sacrifices in the interest of long term success.

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Name: Greg Capper
Organization: Dorking Swim Club
Position: Head Coach

What the Club was up against:

As circumstances evolved over the past few months, Dorking Swim Club had to adapt with them. With the ebbs and flows of this year’s swim season, Dorking SC worked to maintain their normal operations while keeping the new safety standards at the forefront. Realizing that pools will be opening soon, head coach Greg Capper knew he needed to begin preparing his swimmers for the upcoming season in a safe and secure environment.

What TeamUnify did to help:

Capper leveraged TeamUnify’s Team Event page to set up land training sessions during the lockdown period. This TeamUnify feature helps regulate the amount of swimmers allowed per session and has the ability to automatically close registration once it’s filled up. After the event was full, Capper used the communication tool in TeamUnify to send out quick reminders and messages to everyone who signed up, saving about 80% of time if he had to coordinate another way.

TeamUnify not only helped the club with safety regulations, it also allowed Dorking SC to continue to raise funds during this downtime. The club was able to utilize payment flexibility and could bill participants from those land training sessions, generating what would have been lost revenue for the club.

What the impact was:

Overall, TeamUnify tools offered increased flexibility, clear messaging, and the ability to continue fundraising during the stoppage. “The best part of this whole thing is the communication portion of TeamUnify,”Capper said.


“I can't tell you how much time this feature saves me.”



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