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How to Get Recruited For College Lacrosse Part 1: Finding the "Right Fit"


Be responsible and accountable for your recruiting experience. You need to be proactive and market your skills for college recruiters.

Making the decision to pursue your lacrosse career in college is something almost every high school player ponders. Some decide early on that playing in college is a goal and they develop a plan to make this dream a reality. Other players may blossom late in their high school career and decide last minute to make the jump to the next level. Regardless of when the decision is made, it’s essential that if you decide you want to be recruited for college lacrosse, you must plan for the process accordingly.


The lacrosse recruiting process can be long, frustrating, and expensive. To maximize your opportunity to play lacrosse in college you need to establish a game plan with your parents, coaches, and possibly your school’s academic advisors to find the ‘right fit’ for you.

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