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Girls Lacrosse for Beginners


Cradling is the twisting and rocking motion of a lacrosse stick as a player runs. Holding a lacrosse stick still makes it very easy for an opponent to knock it out of your stick.

When I was a freshman in high school, my school started a girls lacrosse team. Being the mousy bookworm that I was, I had never even heard of lacrosse and on another one of my strange, demonic whims, I decided to try out for the team. Everyone else was new to the sport as well, so I figured the loss of dignity and pride would be minimal. It was the first sports team I had ever joined, and it literally changed my life. The sport is a blast to watch and even more enjoyable to play. However, lacrosse is still climbing toward recognition as many people do not understand how it is played. This article is divided into equipment, terminology, field markings, the object of the game, players and basic rules.


Girls lacrosse is played with a minimal amount of equipment: A lacrosse stick, a face mask that covers the eyes and nose and a mouth guard. 

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