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Beginner Lacrosse Drills


Basic passing & catching with a stationary partner – practice right and left hand passes & catches. This is one of the first beginner lacrosse drills that kids should practice.

Lacrosse Catching Drills

  • Basic passing & catching with a stationary partner – practice right and left hand passes & catches.

  • Two kids running down the field in parallel passing back and forth. Running & catching with your non-dominant hand can be tough for beginners.

  • Practice catching goalie clears. Act as a goalie and your players will have to break out left or right from the goal and catch a ball on the run.

  • Practice catching “misguided” passes (that are almost out of reach). Pass a ball that is almost too high or wide so the player must extend his stick (versus keeping his hand near the head of the stick). This will help him to intercept opponent passes or catch errant passes from your teammates. You can also make this into a wall ball drill.

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