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Kie McCray—Learning Moment

Kie McCray and team

Sonya Ottaway / Personal Photo

Please tell us a story about your best learning moment while coaching.

After a playoff lost with my very first summer camp coaching job in college, all the teams of 6-11 year old girls were sitting in rows. My kids were sad because we lost, so I walked down the row and gave all my girls a high five. The team that beat us was sitting directly across from us and they wanted a high five too. My kids didn't want me to give them one because they beat us, but I said, "It's called good sportsmanship guys" and did it anyway. My team obviously agreed with me, because they got up and gave high fives too. #ProudMoment. I knew then that my teams would be just as influenced by my actions as well as by what I try to teach them in practice.