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5 Ways Parents Can Become Better Youth Sports Coaches

Taking on the responsibility of coaching your child’s recreational sports team can be quite exciting, but it can also cause a bit of anxiety.

Sure, it’s very rewarding to take your passion for a certain sport and share it with a team of young players who share the same passion, but along with the thrill and fun, there are some challenges that can occur.

Before embarking on such a coaching journey, take the time to become knowledgeable about possible challenges and expectations when it comes to being a youth coach. This way, you’ll be better able to discern whether this type of position resonates with you or if it’s better left up to another coach.

Tip 1: It’s a Long-Term Commitment

When you say yes to coaching your child’s team, you make a firm commitment to coach the entire season. This means that you have to be there early for every practice and every game and stay until all of the children have been picked up by their parents.

Keep in mind that there may be times when you are tired from work and simply don’t have the energy to go spend hours with a team of kids. It can be a rewarding way to finish your day, but it can also be a tough challenge.

Tip 2: You May Have to Contend With Angry Parents

When you sign on to be a coach, you not only have to contend with the attitudes and behaviors of the children but also the parents. Unfortunately, there are times moms and dads that get angry at the coach when their son or daughter is not getting the play time they think he or she should.

They may also get jealous, hurl insults, and be explosive in the stands. Are you able to contend with irritated and angry parents without taking it personally? How about when they tell you flat-out you’re a terrible coach?

When they scream insults at the referee? Or when they stand beside you or come in the dugout to “help” you coach, even though you don’t want the help? Are you prepared to politely tell them that you don’t want or need them? These are important aspects of coaching to think about before making a decision.

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