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Stay Active Indoors or Outdoors This Fall

How can you work with your child to find which activity is best for them?

Start by explaining to your child they need to take part in some activity. Work with your partner to create a list of options you both agree on and see what interests your child.

Once your child makes their pick, make them stick with it to ensure they get a complete idea of what’s involved. One game or one lesson isn’t enough to decide it is or isn’t for them.

What are some easy ways to be active indoors?

Even though staying indoors can be a bit of a bummer, there are plenty of options to help your kids and yourself stay active while enjoying some quality time together.

You can plan a scavenger hunt, build a fort, set up hopscotch in the hallway, throw a dance party and make everyone freeze each time the music stops, create an indoor obstacle course, hula hoop or play tag in the living room.

As your kids get older, playing video games that require movement and mimic sports or physical competitions are good options. Your kids may even join in on a workout DVD or you can have a friendly contest to see who can do the most pushups and sit ups in one minute.

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