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Importance of Staying Active in the Offseason

What’s next if your child doesn’t play a winter sport? Unlike most other sports when there is no official offseason from the sport itself, there typically are no tackle or flag football leagues during the winter months. 

Players can train in a variety of ways either alone, with teammates, or at a local gym with a paid trainer. They can even just take the winter off from any football-related activities.

However, it is important they find something to do. After all, a kid whose schedule is busy, structured and organized is usually a happy kid.

Maybe suggest your child try a new sport over the winter season. Basketball, wrestling or swimming are popular choices. But don’t forget there are also usually indoor soccer and lacrosse leagues offered by local clubs or organizations.

If you’re looking for a less formal commitment where you (parents and player) control the schedule, think outside the box. 

In warmer weather states, maybe it’s a good time to learn the game of golf or tennis. In colder climates, how about skiing? The one thing they all have in common is that they can be done on your time and at your pace. They all provide physical activity without the multi-day weekly commitment that football often requires. Lastly, they can be done alone or with teammates, other friends or family.

Cycling, mountain biking and hiking are other great individual activities that can be done in just about any climate. There may even be local clubs you can join, but still without the schedule demands of a formal team sport.

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