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The Importance of Positive Thinking in Sports

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It is crucial for a young athlete to learn how to stay positive regardless of what happens in the heat of competition. Sports can teach an athlete a lot about failure and dealing with a difficult outcome. Even the very best teams lose. Quite often, losing is more regular than winning.

However, even a team that doesn’t usually win or a player who has greater aspirations than their current role can find strength in gradual progress. If you’re a backup who doesn’t get much playing time when the games count, see what kind of effort you can make in practice. Coaches always notice these kinds of things. It could even lead to more playing time. If your team continues to fall short against the opposition, think about where things went wrong and how they could be improved.

Coaches should use sports team websites to teach young athletes about the value of positive thinking. There are so many different aspects of sports that can lead to a player feeling down. But with an optimistic mindset, an athlete can erase these cumbersome thoughts and find ways to better their game. It’s true what they say - talent only gets you so far. Sports are more mental than physical.

Dolphins backup keeps a positive mindset

Matt Moore, backup quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, recently signed a one-year, $2.7 million deal to return to the team for the upcoming season, according to the Miami Herald. And even though Ryan Tannehill is the incumbent starter under center, Moore always believes that he can win in the NFL.

“I view myself as someone, yeah, who always can compete and play and win in this league,” Moore told the news outlet. “I think if you view yourself as anything less, it’s a disservice to yourself. Just because I signed back with Miami, obviously with Ryan [Tannehill] being the guy, it doesn’t make me see myself in a different light.”

Despite tough loss, Indiana stays positive

The Indiana men’s basketball team finished their season in rough fashion. However, despite the losing effort, the Indianapolis Star reported that the team is doing its best to avoid negative headlines and keep a positive attitude.

“Coach is always talking about not listening to anybody, not reading anything that’s got our name in it, just because we don’t need that” guard Yogi Ferrell told the news outlet. “We don’t need the negativity.”

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