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The Importance of Being a Team Player

Parents, coaches and kids have probably heard all the arguments for why being a team player is so important in youth sports. Athletes support each other and work together for a common goal. When each one fulfills their specific role, the end result is going to be much, much better. I would even venture to say that a team full of individuals has a bigger mountain to climb if they want to win. But working together makes the mountain not quite as steep.

There is yet another reason that being a team player is so important; It has nothing to do with today, and everything to do with tomorrow. Take a few minutes and look to the future with me as I explain.

In the future, your child will be an adult who, unless they are a solo entrepreneur, will inevitably be on a team in their place of employment. The importance of teamwork is essential in today’s work world. In a 21st century economy, most jobs involve interacting with others that are in different professions. Effective teamwork is critical for any business.