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The Impact of the NCAA D1 Extended Suspension of In-Person Recruiting Through July 31

The impact of the NCAA D1 extended suspension of in-person recruiting through July 31

The NCAA recently released updated recruiting rules for the D1 and D2 levels:

NCAA Division 1: The “dead period” has been extended to suspend in-person recruiting until July 31.
NCAA Division 2: A “quiet period” has been issued through July 31, allowing in-person recruiting on college campuses only.
NCAA Division 3: No major announcements have been made. Instead, each program is establishing its own recruiting plan during this time.

Now that Division 2 programs have resumed in-person contact between coaches and athletes while on campus, what does this mean for Division 1 programs that are still unable to recruit in-person? While Division 1 coaches are not allowed to meet face-to-face with a recruit on or off campus, this doesn’t mean they’ve stopped recruiting. Below are just a few ways that Division 1 coaches are still recruiting and connecting with student-athletes digitally.

Searching online recruiting networks: With many tournaments and showcases canceled for the summer and Division 1 coaches unable to attend those that are still running, coaches are relying on NCSA’s online recruiting network to search for talent. Our network allows college coaches to search for talent that meets their recruiting needs to build a list of prospective athletes. If you don’t already have a free NCSA Recruiting Profile, you can create one here.

Email communication: Email has always played a large role in the college recruiting process, but now more than ever, Division 1 college coaches are relying on email correspondence to connect with student-athletes. Check out our guide to contacting college coaches for examples of emails you may receive from coaches and how to respond.

Social media outreach: Many student-athletes utilize social media as a recruiting tool. During this dead period, Division 1 college coaches are searching online to evaluate talent and get a better understanding of a recruit’s personality and character. Make sure that you are posting updates to your social accounts regularly and watching for DMs from interested college coaches.

Virtual campus tours and video chats: While Division 2 coaches are welcoming recruits back to campus for official and unofficial visits, Division 1 coaches are not permitted to do the same. As a result, Division 1 coaches have turned to virtual campus tours and video chats to connect with recruits and introduce them to the program and campus. Learn more about virtual campus visits and tips for making a good impression via virtual conversation.

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