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Ideas for Snacks, Cooking and More to Help Keep Kids Occupied

Snacks don’t mean throwing good nutrition out the window. Your child’s snacking mood may vary, but you can always maintain healthy snacking habits. Below are examples of great snacks no matter their snacking mood. Try these suggestions if their snacking mood is:

THIRSTY: skim or low-fat milk, water with lemon, lime or orange wedge

SMOOTH: banana, cottage cheese, yogurt with fruit

CRUNCHY: raw vegetables, apples, popcorn, graham crackers, rice cakes, granola bar, a handful of dry cereal

JUICY: fresh fruit, 100% juice frozen popsicles, cherry tomatoes, blueberries

FUN: fruit, frozen bananas, watermelon, strawberries

REALLY HUNGRY: 1/2 peanut butter sandwich, cereal with milk, bagel with low-fat cream cheese, cheese and crackers

Kids Kitchen

You and your children will both enjoy preparing this recipe. It is not designed for children to make on their own. Supervision and assistance from an adult are required. Getting your children involved in food preparation will go a long way in encouraging them to try new foods and enjoy eating.

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