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Why Goalies Need To Lift Heavy


The biggest reason why I have my goalies incorporate relative strength programming (sets of 1-3 reps) more often than my offense/defensive athletes is the sheer importance of the need to be as fast and explosive as possible

Although I have yet to create any content specifically for goalies, my experience in this area is strong. I have worked with goalies in the youth leagues, juniors, AHL, and all the way up to the NHL.

Having worked with many goalies all the way up to the highest levels, I can tell you that goalies should NOT be training like their offensive and defensive teammates.

Unfortunately, this can be an easy trap to fall into since you want to train with your friends and teammates and not just by yourself. To make matters worse, there is very little good content on the internet today that can clearly articulate the differences between the offense/defense players and goalies.

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