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Whole-Part-Whole Practice Philosophy


The coaches should encourage lots of effort and energy but stay away from coaching in this segment.

The Whole-Part-Whole practice philosophy is a practice structure that is different from the more traditional progressive practice structure. It may not be applicable to all age and skill levels, and it is up to coaches or directors to decide if it is appropriate for their team.  

The logic behind the Whole-Part-Whole method is based off of how kids learn when it is completely up to them.

It is based off observing what happens when you give a kid a new toy, objective, game, etc. Let's take a game for example. Typically the kid will open the game and start to play it right away based off their own interpretation of the toy or object as a “Whole”.

They will experiment, play and try to figure it out until they start to realize there is more to satisfaction to be gained if they can understand the rules or strategy better.  

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