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Two Exercises Every Hockey Player Should Be Doing


Sprinting helps this process along as it is not a lateral movement. When thinking movement mechanics and imagining what I’m talking about here, picture where your toes are when you’re skating forward.

In the strength and conditioning world, it’s rare that you ever have “constants” in application. Meaning, you shouldn’t try to make all squares fit into a circle. We are all unique in our biochemical and biomechanical makeup and should be treated as such.

But in most cases, this refers slightly more to the program design structure itself through individual prescriptions for volume, intensity and frequency needs – and not necessarily through exercise selection.

In a nutshell, the body has seven primary movements that should be in your program in one way or another all the time:

  1. Vertical pulling (Chin ups, pull ups, lat pull down)

  2. Horizontal pulling (BB row, chest supported row, T-bar row, seated cable row)

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