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Two-Day Hockey Tryout Plan for Bantams


Some of the most effective players will also be the most effective in tighter areas. It forces players to make quicker decisions with and without the puck, protect the puck, play physical and play smarter.

This article is written in response to a question asked by one of our members. We were asked if we had recommendations for a selection of drills that would be good for a Bantam tryout.  

The tryout is two days long and they would like to evaluate skills early in the tryout and move into game play as the tryout progressed.  

Rather than just reply to one member we thought it might be helpful to post this article so it can be a resource for other coaches looking for the same thing. So we have put together a series of drills and games for two sessions.

For each drill we will explain what you can look for in evaluating the players.  We have also included a goalie drill at the end in case you have 15-20 minutes to spend with the goalies.

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