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Super Quick Hockey Workouts


Work, school, travel, responsibilities, practice and games can take a ton of our time and not always leave much left over to get geared up for an hour-long session in the gym plus about another half-hour or so of commuting there and back.

Finding a quicker “time saving” solution to fitness has always been a popular topic. Working out without needing any equipment has also always been a popular topic.

If you can combine these two and still get excellent results, you’re going to have a lot of heads turning in your direction from the people who want to save time on those crazy days, save money on gas going to and from the gym, and save money on a gym membership or from buying a bunch of home gym equipment.

Most of the time the “quick workouts” have just been a bunch of garbage. Terrible workout designs, embarrassing marketing strategies and usually aimed towards the fat-loss industry as some sort of gimmick.

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