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Nashville Youth Hockey League Gets Gear in a Flash–Saving Time for Busy Volunteers

Nashville Youth Hockey League is a non-profit organization that has been developing and enriching amateur youth hockey players since 1964. After a nearby rink shut down four years ago, the league experienced expansive growth, leveling up to nearly 500 athletes aged 5-18. 

The Challenge

With a staff of dedicated volunteers, saving time is vital. Tony Wirth, the league’s equipment manager, knew this to be especially true. As the primary contact for the team’s equipment and spirit wear, Wirth was drowning.

“With our old apparel provider, I had to sort everything out and take it to the rink; I had to deal with all the returns. I love giving the time, but it does take time,” Wirth said. 

When players ordered new shirts, pants, and bags for the season, it could take several weeks to arrive. This slow turnaround became a problem for travel players who often needed their gear in hand quickly. On top of that, there were hardly any apparel options that were built to perform. For example, Nashville Youth Hockey’s former provider had tracksuits, but since they weren’t nylon-based, they just couldn’t keep up on the ice. 


Nashville Youth Hockey needed an apparel solution that would keep up with the times and give the players a more efficient experience. They came to SportsEngine Gear, powered by SquadLocker who delivered on all that and then some. 

Apparel at Lightning Speed

Scrambling through quick turnarounds is now a thing of the past. With SportsEngine Gear, setting up an online store is simple, and Tony Wirth appreciates that he can mix and match logos, spin up fun designs, and add new products at the click of a button. The store is always open, and players can get custom apparel delivered straight to their home in as fast as five days. 

“Player packs went right to the doorstep, and that took a lot of weight off of me. I was finally able to enjoy watching my son play hockey,” Wirth said. 

The days of sorting through piles of boxes and organizing gear are long gone for the busy volunteers, freeing up much-needed time to get back into the love of the game.

The Best Brands in Hockey

To perform in the rink, you need the right products, and SportsEngine Gear offers some of the most sought-after brands. Players and families can order from premium brands such as Under Armour, CCM, and Champro, and admins can constantly rotate out products as new ones become available. 

Nashville Youth Hockey players loved the array of options that kept them looking and feeling great on the ice. 

A Fundraising Machine

As a non-profit organization, Nashville Youth Hockey is constantly looking for new fundraising opportunities and selling spirit wear turned into a great way to keep the money rolling in. After switching to SportsEngine Gear, Wirth reported selling $25,000 worth of apparel in just one season. He owes a lot of it to the large variety of items available. 

 “We would’ve never sold this much merchandise with just six items. I’ll check and change it up to keep products fresh,” Wirth says. “It’s always fun to see the kids when they get it.”

Wirth found that there were several different ways to maximize fundraising through his SportsEngine Gear store. By taking advantage of seasonal buying periods like Black Friday, and creating new and unique designs, sales shot up instantly. 

Wrapping it all up

Since implementing SportsEngine Gear, Nashville Youth Hockey’s operations have been transformed.

“When I first started, it was a completely different experience. Now, everyone seems to notice they get their stuff on time, and they love the products and the process–that’s pride on my part,” Wirth says. 

What used to be an arduous process of collecting sizes, sorting through apparel, and handing out gear is now seamless and fun - cutting down on time and raising much needed funds for the non-profit organization. 


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