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Improve Your Game With Six Puck Protection Drills


It is extremely beneficial to show players video clips so the teaching can come full circle. This will allow them to fully grasp what the skill is, why it is beneficial and how it can be applied in practice or a game situation.

What would happen if you were given an extra 1 to 5 seconds to make a play every single time you touched the puck?Your game would INSTANTLY transform. You would be able to create more passing and shooting options while giving your teammates extra time to become outlets. Many younger players and coaches ONLY focus on advanced stickhandling drills instead of basic puck protection concepts. Basic puck protection can be easier to learn and will help your game at every level of hockey, in every area of the ice. 


When you are ready to make a play with the puck, look up, expose the puck, and make the play!  After most players win a 1 on 1 battle or receive a pass, they leave the puck exposed or quickly force a play.

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