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At Home Hockey Workouts - No Equipment Needed

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There is a big difference between exercising and training.

Exercising is simply being physically active. You’re going to the gym or doing your bodyweight workout and burning calories.

Training, on the other hand, is utilizing the training principles that are deeply woven into the science of program design and coordinating both a program and a progressively difficult training schedule in order to attain a hockey-specific goal.

To put it short, exercise is random, training is specific. Exercise is all good and well for the general population looking to burn some body fat, build some muscle, or improve their health. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever for them.


You’re a hockey player, and just because you’re exercising it doesn’t mean it’s going to translate to your on-ice performance.

You need to be utilizing certain movements, systems, and periodization schedules that coincide with the specific demands of hockey performance.

Is Bodyweight Hockey Training Effective?

Bodyweight hockey specific training can be a great tool in your arsenal for the days you can’t make it to the gym, are super pressed for time, or for the days you’re traveling.

Additionally, they can be an excellent tool for the younger hockey players out there who may not have access to the same type of equipment an adult would have access to.

Although bodyweight training isn’t as effective for hockey performance as training with a bunch of equipment is, it is by no means ineffective.

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