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Hockey webmaster has made-to-order skills


Minnesota Made's Amy Walker juggles multiple duties for twin organizations

Webmaster of the Week: December 22-28

Amy Walker

Minnesota Made Hockey

Ice scheduler/Webmaster

Walker, a former freelance writer who also has experience as a graphic designer, joined Minnesota Made about eight years ago, not long after the Minnesota Made Ice Center came into existence. The facility, previously home to the Midwest Racquet Club’s eight indoor tennis courts, is located in Edina, Minn. The venue has two NHL-size indoor rinks and last year added a refrigerated, Zamboni-maintained outdoor rink. Walker has five children, and all three of her boys (they range in age from 15 to 21) play high-level hockey.

What she does:
Walker has had an assortment of duties over the years for both the Minnesota Made Ice Center and its sister company, Minnesota Made Hockey. She handles all the scheduling and invoicing for the ice center, a task that she says is most labor intensive during five-to-six-week stretches in preparation for the spring-summer and fall-winter seasons. Walker also handles marketing for the ice center, is in charge of setting up registration for Minnesota Made’s various camps, clinics, teams and leagues and, of course, updates the website with information on both the ice center and the hockey programs. She is in the process of helping plan a separate site for Minnesota Made’s highest-level teams. The Machine teams feature many of Minnesota’s best players and travel throughout North America playing AAA-caliber competition.

Making her mark:
Walker did some holiday decorating on the site’s home page, adding a wreath, red ribbon and bow and Christmas carol (Winter Wonderland) as part of a package highlighting Minnesota Made’s Christmas Clinics scheduled for Dec. 26-30.

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