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Hockey In-Season Nutrition Guidelines


Today I want to talk about how hockey athletes should be approaching their nutrition in regards to their in-season body composition management and recovery from injury.

Why these two topics?

Well, body composition (the ratio of lean muscle mass to fat mass) is something a lot of hockey athletes actually regress with quite a bit during the season. This is (almost) entirely a nutritional issue.

Too many guys, whether intentionally or not, change up their eating habits during the season due to an increased busy schedule plus a lot more travelling. Many reading this are probably juggling either a job or school and going to hockey at least 3x per week during the season. In some cases, there will be people working, going to school and playing hockey. On top of this, you are also expected to continue with your strength and conditioning.

That’s a lot on your plate, but unfortunately with my observations of most athlete’s nutrition is the first thing they drop. They keep doing everything else and then just eat whenever they can and normally this means opting for quick and convenient options.

Opting for quick and convenient options isn’t exactly a bad thing, but it can be if you’re completely ignoring what your daily intake should be looking like in regards to your protein, carbohydrate and fat daily totals.

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