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Hockey Recovery: Should You Do Ice Baths?


Of important note, the literature seems to suggest that hydrostatic pressure is maximized if you can stand while immersed in cold water rather than sit.

Should hockey players take ice baths for recovery?

The truth is that recovery is a wildly important component towards hockey performance, I have been an advocate of that since Day 1 at and will always be. You can’t be your best if you aren’t recovering properly, period. There are a ton of hockey athletes out there who train at a level of intensity that should get them results, but, they never end up even getting half of the results that they were expecting because they didn’t have the recovery strategies in place to maximally adapt from the training stimulus that they were applying in the gym.

Recovery is literally half of the battle, it’s not enough to just get on a good training program. Many hockey athletes know this so they jump at things like ice baths… 

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