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Have You Ever Thought About … Hockey?


“Hockey is a great sport for your child. If you have the puck, you’re the quarterback,” “Hockey fits any size, any personality.”

When you think about getting your kids involved in beginner sports, in Edmond you have a variety of activities. From soccer to flag football, and gymnastics to T-ball — there’s plenty in Edmond to try.

But have you ever thought about hockey?

I had thought about it. As a former competitive figure skater with a national collegiate championship title to my name, I grew up around an ice rink. My brother played hockey, but this “other” skating sport seemed intimidating to approach as a parent, even though my son had expressed some interest. That’s when I learned that Edmond’s Arctic Edge Ice Arena provides a beginner program that competes with all the rest. The Dallas Stars Learn to Play program is focused on getting your son or daughter to fall in love with hockey.

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