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Harder Hockey Shot In Eight Weeks

With something as small and simple as added grip work, we create a ripple effect on all things shot power and shot release time.

Working Through The Myths

Although grip training seems simple on the surface, it’s a little more complicated then most people give it credit for. You can’t just grab something hard and think that it trains your grip strength effectively over time. For example, wrist curls and wrist roller exercises are great for the forearms, but they don’t specifically train the muscles used in gripping. The muscles you need to concentrate on are located in the hand and they don’t run across the wrist (from an anatomical perspective).

I have had coaches suggest to me in the past that they just have their athletes squeeze a tennis ball, but here we have three major issues:

  1. You only have one option for the degree of resistance being applied.

  2. The more you squeeze the ball, the weaker it gets over time. 

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