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Goalie Warmup Drills


Wearing equipment that fits properly is very important to allow our goalies to succeed.

These drills should be done every practice. You cannot expect goalies to get better if they are only getting shots in practice with no work on their technique. Some goalies may not be able to do a few of these drills.

Start the goalies with the 8 Puck Drill-Up, Crease Shuffle Drill, Crease movement drill and X-Drill. If they are able to do these drills, then you can move on to the next drills listed.

Make sure the chest is always square and the head and gloves are stable. Eyes should always be up. 

Practice Habits: I want to make sure the goalies have great practice habits. When they are in the crease, they are competitive and and trying 100 percent to stop every puck. When they lose focus and start going through the motions, take a break and regain your breath. 

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