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Establish Puck Possession in the Offensive Zone


When it is not possible to attack the blue line with speed then it becomes important to play the puck into space where your teammates have the best chance to get to the loose puck.

The blue line is the most strategic area of the ice.  Gain the blue line with possession and you can generate scoring chances.  If you hold the blue line and force the other team to give up possession you will give up less scoring chances.  Here are a couple of ways to attack the blue line and maintain possession in the offensive zone.


This play can be very useful when the support is on the strong side of the ice.  The puck carrier intentionally draws in the defender that is holding the blue line so they can dump the puck into the space vacated by the  defender.  The supporting player should be able to pick up the puck at about the top of the circles and maintain possession.  This is a great tactic for power play situations against defense that are aggressive at the blue line. Here is a hockey drill for working on strong side soft chips.

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