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Dedication, Diversity and Talent

As anyone in the youth hockey world knows, the players and the families both need to be dedicated to make the season work.

In the recent years ice hockey in California has taken off. Players from the state are getting drafted and playing in the NHL at a rate that I am sure that the hockey world never thought would be possible.

As of today 45 California born hockey players have played in the NHL, half of them have been in the last 10 years. This speaks volumes to the success of ice hockey in the state.

The NHL has even played two outdoor games in California, something I am sure no one would’ve guessed 10 years ago would of ever happened. The success at the NHL level has trickled down into the youth hockey in California. One of those teams that has had tremendous success as a result of the California hockey boom is the Jr. Ducks 2005 AAA team. 

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