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Control Your Emotions and Become a Better Hockey Player

Those who allow emotions to control them end up right where they started. Emotion left unchecked is just as deadly as a wildfire.

Whether you like it or not, accomplishing goals in any area of life and being able to build even further upon those goals has everything to do with your ability to control emotions. Meaning, tapping into the emotions that serve you – and not allowing the self-sabotaging and useless emotions take you off track from where you want to be.

Make no mistake about it – the best hockey players on this planet are masters at using their emotions strategically and never allowing themselves to be used by their emotions. You might want to get faster, burn fat, improve your all-around hockey performance, or become captain this year – all of these goals stretch your comfort zone, and anytime you stretch your comfort zone you run the risk of wanting to run back to what is comfortable rather than what is right.

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