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Bambi on Ice? No, Just A Mini Growth Spurt

It can be difficult to watch as a parent, but patience and bags of encouragement and understanding is really important no matter how frustrated you may be feeling.

"What are they doing?"

"They look like Bambi on ice."

"I don’t understand, they could do that a few weeks ago."

"Why are we bothering, it looks like they have never played sports at all."

These are just some of the comments that I have heard on the sidelines of training sessions and matches over the last few years.  

Do you know what? At some point in time, both in their early years of growth and during puberty, all parents and coaches will have noticed physical and mental changes in the players who they are involved with. Puberty is the most documented growth and development spurt but prior to puberty, children will experience many mini growth spurts.

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