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5 Tips to Keep Your Hockey Athlete Motivated

It’s been a few weeks away from the ice, and staying motivated while we are all staying at home is not easy every day. However, this is a great opportunity for our favorite athletes to learn to adjust their daily routines and implement at-home activities and training that will keep them engaged. So while we patiently wait to collectively get back to the rink, these 5 tips will help your kids to stay motivated and prepare to return to the sport they love so much. 

1. Create a routine 

Now that we are all facing a new normal, it has become obvious that setting routines and plans is helping us to stay productive and keep things together. Well, kids are not different! Bringing structure, routines and plans into their day-to-day will keep them accountable and motivated, especially since we are ramping up to get back to hockey. Get them into the habit of calendarizing their week with school tasks, house chores, and at home training. Give them as much flexibility to figure out what cadence works best for them and keep things interesting with new activities and family events.  

2. Teach them goal-setting 

A great way to stay motivated is by showing them setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound). Together, set the big goal with a deadline to achieve and break it down into smaller short term goals that they will implement into their new routine. Weekly challenges like “ Do 100 sit ups and push-ups a day” or “ Run 20km a week” will inspire them to improve their skills and still feel connected to the sport they love. 

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