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How Your Child Can Standout to Their Coach

Is your child trying to make a team? Win a certain starting position? Are they frustrated because they feel as if their coach is not really seeing them?

Here are some suggestions to help your child get on the coach’s radar:

Be on time

Better yet, be early to practice and to the game. Your child should not be remembered as the kid who is always late. Ask questions. Most coaches like kids who are teachable and aren’t afraid to ask when they don’t understand. Teach your kids to speak up! Give 100%.  A coach notices kids who give their all.

Treat coaches, teammates, and officials with respect  

Athletes can do this by listening when the coach is talking, not arguing with refs, and by treating teammates with courtesy.

Follow directions

Kids who listen and then actually do what the coach says, show eagerness to learn and improve show they are coachable. Every coach appreciates this trait.

Have a positive attitude 

Athletes who encourage teammates when they make mistakes and acknowledge when they make a good play display a team spirit that will not go unnoticed.

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