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How Athletes Can Make the Most of a Plant-Based Diet

TrueSport-How Athletes Can Make the Most of a Plant-Based Diet

Different diet trends gain popularity from year to year. In recent years, the move to plant-based sports nutrition has been on the rise as more elite and professional athletes have made the switch to vegan and vegetarian diets. Although a plant-based diet doesn’t necessarily mean your athlete will enhance their performance, it will enhance their health.

According to the Alternative Healthy Eating Index developed by Harvard University researchers, individuals who decide to move from an omAnivorous to plant-based diet typically improve their overall nutrition because they consume more fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains that provide high levels of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, while also being very low in saturated fat and devoid of cholesterol.

If your adolescent athlete is looking to experiment with their nutrition to achieve a competitive edge, improve their overall health, or follow a more ethical, eco-friendly diet, here are ways they can make the most out of a plant-based diet.

Get educated on what their body needs to function at its best

According to the TrueSport Nutrition Guide, “athletes have increased energy needs, which allows for more opportunities to obtain the nutrients they need through a balanced diet composed of a variety of natural foods.”

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