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Healthy Kids: Benefits of Physical Activity During Distance Learning



Physical activity is an important part of the school day because it helps kids mentally focus and concentrate, which is even more important with families social distancing and kids doing all of their classwork online.

When it comes to being active, the key is finding activities you and your kids enjoy doing together. There are a lot of free apps and online resources that can offer ideas.

Try these suggestions:

  • Go outside for a walk, jog or bike ride
  • Do 30 minutes of family fitness (jumping jacks, pushups, sit-ups)
  • Dance to a favorite playlist
  • Play hopscotch or jump rope

Or how about a Pokémon scavenger hunt? offers a downloadable set of 30 Pokémon Fitness Cards. Parents print them out, cut them up and hide them around the house. As kids “catch” the Pokémon, they must perform the exercise listed on each card.

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