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Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s to Our Favorite Team Manager


Behind every young athlete is a proud mom cheering him or her on. This Mother’s Day we are celebrating you!

Behind every young athlete is a proud mom cheering them on. This Mother’s Day we are celebrating you! You might feel like all the little things you do go overlooked—not anymore. We see all you do behind the scenes to make sure your child has a successful sports season. The next time you think what you do goes unnoticed, come back here and remember all you do for your young athletes.

mom hugging girl

You are their biggest cheerleader

It’s no secret that you are your child’s biggest cheerleader. Whether you wear a team jersey or a giant button with your player on it, everyone knows which athlete calls you Mom. Even if you are a quiet spectator, the way you cheer your child on before and after the game makes all the difference. 

You coach

You don't simply manage your kid's sports life—you take charge as a volunteer, assistant, or even head coach. These moms help their kids prepare and are ready to guide their team to victory every game.

You feed their team

How many mornings have you spent slicing fruit and preparing a snack for halftime? Once those days are behind you, you move on to feeding the team after games when they are starving. It doesn’t matter if you feed them homemade lasagna or order pizza—the team can count on you to feed their hungry appetites. 

You bandage their boo-boos

From small scrapes and bruises to major injuries, you are there to ease your child’s pain. Moms wrap up knees, have ice packs stocked in the freezer, and sit by their beds when they are feeling their worst.

mom with kids on picnic blanket

You dry their tears

After a heart-wrenching loss, you’re the one your kids count on to dry their tears and remind them of what matters in the long run. An athlete needs a hug after a defeat, and Moms are there and ready to give one.

You wash endless amounts of laundry

From grass stains to sweaty uniforms, someone has to make sure the laundry gets washed. Typically, you’re the person who makes sure all the necessary laundry supplies are on hand (like stain remover) and who manages to get your kid’s dirty, stinky uniforms cleaned in time for their next game.

You purchase and pack their equipment

No matter which sport your young athlete plays, they will need certain equipment. Not only do you often write the checks, but you also visit the various sports stores to make sure your athletes have everything they need. Moms are the ones reminding their kids to have their bags packed with everything they need. And if that is not enough, take a peek in a sports mom’s trunk—you’ll find sports equipment, first aid kits, and changes of clothing.

You coordinate their schedule—and everyone else’s

Between school, practices, and games, youth sports can take over the family calendar. And that’s not including your job and various family appointments. It is usually Mom who organizes the family calendar to make sure her young athletes can make it to every practice, game, and team event.

Mom with kids in car carpooling

You drive them here, there, and everywhere

One of the most overlooked things a mom does is serve as a chauffeur for her kids. You spend endless amounts of time driving your kids from one event to the next. And when you’re not the driver, you are organizing the carpool with other team moms. 

This Mother’s Day we hope your family team recognizes all you do. Today, we are cheering you on!

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