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How to Do a Backflip in Five Easy Steps

Many gymnasts find it helpful to try a back tuck off of a mat to give them extra height to complete the flip

A backflip is considered a basic skill in gymnastics because it is a building block to many other skills. It's not a simple move to learn, but once you get it, you've achieved one of the milestones on your way to becoming a high-level gymnast.

First, please make sure both you and your coach feel that you’re ready to learn a back tuck. It's not a skill that should be attempted by a beginner gymnast, and it should never be tried on your own without a coach present. These tips are not meant in any way to replace a knowledgeable coach. Gymnastics is an inherently risky sport and you must be sure to take the necessary safety precautions, such as proper progressions, the right matting and the use of spotters.

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