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Gymnastics Drills for Beginners


Gymnastics requires a great deal of strength, balance, coordination, agility and body awareness to perform the various moves and avoid injury. Beginners will greatly benefit from certain gymnastics drills that help to improve all areas of fitness, as well as get their bodies ready for more advanced moves. These are drills that anyone can perform, and it is necessary to do them regularly in order to get the greatest benefit.

Basic Pushups

All aspects of gymnastics require strength, particularly upper-body strength, to properly perform the different moves, and most moves simply cannot be performed without the right amount of strength. One of the simplest and most effective ways to build upper-body strength is traditional pushups, which require no equipment so they can be done at any time. Those who are new to pushups should start with three sets of five repetitions, perhaps from their knees, instead of their toes, and then work up by adding to the number of pushups and repetitions done each week.

Frog Stand For Beginners

The frog stand works to develop hand-balancing skills, stabilizes core muscles, improves balance and helps gymnasts work toward being able to perform an unsupported handstand. This beginner exercise requires gymnasts to get into a squat position, put the hands on the floor, lean forward, lift the legs and then put knees to elbows. This position should be maintained for 20 seconds, and the gymnast should build up to holding this position for a full minute by adding three to five seconds to the hold each week to improve strength, balance and stamina.

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