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Graphic Design 104: Link to Your Social Sites

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Adding links and buttons to your TeamUnify homepage will not just give a link to your social site, but will help to show your athletes and parents that your swim team is up-to-date in and out of the water. It may seem like a daunting task, but once created, a social profile for your team can become a great place to share stories, publish team photos, and even communicate with parents. 

In today's world, it is more important than ever to interact with parents, athletes, and potential clients online and in social media. You may know of social media, you may use it for your own personal interests, but did you know you can make a business/swim team page and show it on your TeamUnify homepage?

Most likely your athletes and parents are on social media every day sharing, communicating, and connecting with friends and family; why not allow them to connect and share with their swim team? If you don't have any social media platforms for your team try Facebook for starters. Here is a guide to starting up a Team Facebook Page.

Social links and a social presence on your homepage show that your team is not just savvy but socially interactive in today's online world. 

Turn On Your Social Buttons

Here is how to turn on your social buttons, but remember only turn on the buttons/links to sites that you are active on. No one wants to read a Facebook post or a Tweet from 2010.

On your TeamUnify site click Team Admin Website Design. Now click the Website Layout Configuration button.

In Website Layout Configuration scroll down to Template Controls. In a new window, tab or browser go to and login to your account. If you do not have a team Facebook page here is a guide to starting up a Team Facebook Page. 

In Facebook click on your team/club Facebook page icon to make sure you are at the correct URL/web address.

Now go to your browser address and select your complete URL/web address and copy the full address. (This will be )

With the copied URL now go back to your TeamUnify page and in the Website Layout Configuration on the Template Controls paste the URL into the Facebook URL box.

Save Changes at the bottom of the page and once saved, click the Home tab. This will take you to the homepage of your TeamUnify site and you can test your link.

You have done it, now your parents, athletes, and potential clients can see how involved your swim team is both in the pool and online. If you have a presence on any other social media sites like Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest follow the same steps and input your corresponding social media URLs into their respective places in the Template Controls of your Website Layout Configuration. 

If you are interested in taking your team's brand and your TeamUnify site to the next level, our team of graphic designers will work with you to truly customize your website. Our graphic designers have worked with hundreds of teams and can customize all areas of your site to create a truly original website. Click the button below to learn more.



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