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Golf Short Game Beginners Guide – Chipping


Ideally the standard chip shot will be used if there is more grass (rough or fairway) to cover than the amount of green that the ball has to roll on.

Chipping is a very important aspect of golf, especially for beginners. Beginners normally focus on their long game, but in reality having a good short game first will accelerate progress much faster. Chipping, along with pitching, bunker shots and putting make up the components of the short game. At first, missing greens will be a regular occurrence for golfers that are just starting out, as a result beginners will have a lot of opportunities to hit chip shots out on the course.

There are three basic chip shots that beginners should focus on, the chip and run is the most basic shot, and easiest to learn, the standard chip is a bit more complex, and the lob shot is the most complex.The lob shot is hard to master at first, and it is risky, but it will come in handy if you have to chip over a bunker or some other hazard that prevents you from hitting a bump and run or standard chip shot.

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