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Golf Chipping: The Ultimate Guide From Beginner to Pro

Most beginners (and even some club players) try to help the ball up in to the air. This is incorrect and leads to all sorts of miss-hit shots.

In this article we will improve your golf chipping no matter what your current standard. We will start with golf chipping tips for beginners and teach you how to chip a golf ball.  We will progress onto how to improve your golf chipping as a club player, before we look at how to chip like a pro. There is a lot of information, so use the links below to navigate to the appropriate section. Each section assumes that you already have the previous pieces in place. If you’re not sure where to start just skim through from the top.


The aim of golf chipping is to carry the ball onto or close to the green and get it rolling out towards the hole. To do this you need to have good distance control and direction.

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