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Youth Football Player Who Survived Bus Crash Still Dreaming of Playing

It's the dream Austin says he wants to keep pursuing, and it's Brighton Middle School that keeps him aiming for the stars.

It's been almost three months since a charter school bus carrying a Memphis youth football team crashed in Arkansas, killing one player and injuring more. Now one seventh grader who was on that bus is for the first time explaining how he had a very similar brush with tragedy earlier in life. "It wasn't football's fault," he said.

Austin Timbs loves to play football. In fact, the sport has become a part of his life story. "One hundred fifty stitches on the left side of my face and I have that right there, and I have 32 stitches right here, spleen injury and multiple skull fractures," he says, pointing out his injuries. Austin was one of several children riding a football charter bus before it crashed, killing one of his teammates. He says he was sitting a few seats behind the driver, and noticed the bus was losing control.

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