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Wolfpack Football Gets Fresh Start

Junior Wolfpack Football Screenshot

Transplanted Packers fan spices up Minnesota-based youth site

Webmaster of the Week: November 7-13

David Weber

Junior Wolfpack Football Association

Director of Communications

Sitebuilder, Registration

Weber grew up in southern Wisconsin (Janesville), went to college in northwest Wisconsin (University of Wisconsin-Stout) and has been known to attend pro football games in a certain northeast Wisconsin hamlet (Green Bay, the Packers, who else?). No surprise that Weber married a Wisconsin gal, Gretchen, who hails from the north central region of the state (Merrill) and is also a Packer backer. That covers most every corner of the Badger State and serves as an explanation of sorts why the Webers, who have settled in the St. Paul, Minnesota, suburb of Cottage Grove, have a son playing in the Junior Wolfpack Football Association. David has served as a Wolfpack coach for the last four years, managing his team’s page on the SportsEngine platform. He ratcheted up his responsibilities with the organization this year, taking over as Director of Communications.

Weber took the lead as the Junior Wolpack’s site was converted to a mobile responsive theme last summer. “We wanted to enhance our experience with users and actually drive more parents to it,” Weber said about the site, which has benefitted greatly from the knockout graphic design work of fellow coach Steve Frosch. Frosch created the Junior Wolfpack logo, the “In Proud Partnership with” graphic at the bottom of the home page and the graphics on the Field Maps page, among other projects. Weber said he worked with Frosch and the Junior Wolfpack’s Board of Directors to create the overall layout and navigation of the site. Weber said everyone put their own “spice” into the newly designed site without gumming up the homepage or navigation. “I think there were too many cooks in the kitchen,” Weber said about the previous, difficult-to-navigate version of the site.

In an effort to address concerns about the safety of football, Weber created a Player Safety page using Call to Action page elements that drive viewers into USA Football pages devoted to topics such as Concussion Awareness, Heat and Hydration and Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

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