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What Alabama QB Jalen Hurts’ Story Can Teach Parents


Remember, we want to prepare them for the road; we don’t want to prepare the road for them.

Imagine this: Your son has been not just a starter, but the star of his team for the last two seasons, and during that time, the team has won over 90 percent of its games, and now, it is in the biggest game of the year — the championship game.

But things aren’t going great, so the coach decides to pull him from the game. He puts in a new player with little-to-no experience at this level, and this substitute leads the team to victory, stealing the limelight from your son.

Now, your son comes home after the game. His team has just won the biggest game of the year — the National Championship.

But he doesn’t care. He is devastated. He just lost his spot on the team, and the glory of leading his team to victory was taken from him. He worked his entire life for this moment, and he missed it. 

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