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Using the Sugar Huddle to Create Defense Misalignment

While simply aligning in a formation can stress the defense out, the major advantage of the Sugar Huddle is when the offense uses it to get into unbalanced formations or run trick plays.

One of the major things that all defenses struggle to do well is line up correctly to a formation. Most coaches spend hours of practice time every week working with their team on how to correctly align to each formation. What makes this more difficult is the variety of different formations an offense can roll out in a short period of time. Some of the leading offensive minds in the college ranks have seen this weakness and have used the sugar huddle as an effective method of stressing defenses and getting them into a position where they are not aligned correctly to defend a particular formation.

The sugar huddle is a simple wrinkle that is easy to install and execute yet adds a massive amount of stress to the weekly defensive preparation. In the sugar hHuddle the offensive line will create the huddle 2-3 yards away from the ball with their backs to the ball directly behind their position. 

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