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Two McCourtys Are Better Than One

To have that opportunity to look across the field and see my brother out there competing with me, it’s the highlight of my career. No doubt.

So a lot of people think my brother and I look alike.

I’ll be honest, I don’t see it.

Like, I get it, of course … but, nah, I don’t see it.

But still, when you’re a twin, people often don’t view you as an individual. They see a copy of the same person and sometimes that will make them want to know which one is better. For example, from the very first time we put on pads for Pop Warner, everyone — from the kids to the grown adults coaching us — wanted to see which of us could run faster, hit harder or just be tougher. I even remember one time when we were really young, like eight or nine, and one of the older kids in the neighborhood grabbed some boxing gloves from his house because all his friends wanted to watch Dev and I fight.

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