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Tryouts Are a Great Learning Experience

The nice thing about this tryout is that if he isn’t selected, he still gets to play on his current team without any fallout. If he is invited, then he’ll have a decision to make.

In many youth sport leagues, there are no true tryouts. Sure, preseason “tryouts” evaluate every child, but each player makes a team regardless of their skill level. However, there are instances as an athlete gets older where they might attend a tryout and not be picked for a team.

This sometimes means a player gets placed on a “B” team but in other cases, players who don’t make the team simply have to wait until next season to tryout again. Athletes might decide to join a rec league when this happens, in order to work on their skill and keep practicing. My son is gearing up his first real tryout situation in a few weeks. In this case, there’s a parent club in the sport that plans to pull the best kids from several other clubs and that all-star team will then represent the state at regional and national events.

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