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Top Three Plays That Beat the Blitz


Rocket Sweep is blocked the same way as Jet, but the only difference is that the motion is into the backfield and the ball is tossed out to the motioning back.

On the youth football level defenses will blitz frequently, especially on short and long down and distances. Blitzing is an effect tactic in youth football because many offenses do not have blocking rules and they do not practice picking up the blitz. Overload blitzes are the most difficult to deal with.

On overload blitzes the defense is sending more than the offense can block and there aren’t many block schemes that can pick up an overload blitz. With that said, there is an old saying, you live by the blitz you can die by the blitz.

Blitzing is very risky and there are several plays that can take advantage of overaggressive, blitz happy defenses. 

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