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Three Rules for Creating Productive Coaches Meetings

This isn’t to say there can't be tangents, coaches meetings shouldn’t be an all business type of affair, but you should stick to the agenda to keep things moving.

The current trend in society is very anti-meeting. Lots of people perceive meetings as a gigantic waste of time that can be avoided through the use of technology. I am not one of those people. I think meetings are critical in developing the chemistry of any group of people. This is even more true in high pressure positions like coaching. I do agree that many meetings are not run efficiently and tend to go too long without any real sense of purpose.

Rule No. 1 

The first rule for having a productive coaches meeting is to have a purpose. Too many times people have meetings because they feel like they need to have a meeting every week. Nothing can drain a staff of enthusiasm and energy than a meeting that could have been avoided.

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